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The Professor With the Key to Learning
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Alexander Graham Bell, Reginald Fessenden, Dr. Banting, George Klein, Elsie McGill, Ted Rogers,

 the Robertson screw, SPAR Aerospace, Nortel, the AVRO ARROW, 

AND the light bulb…???
Yes it’s ours!

A great book for anyone interested in Canadiana, history, technology, inventions, industry!

Or even if you just want a fun and easy Canadian Bathroom Reader!

What they are saying about "OH CANADA! Our Home and Inventive Land!"

"Professor Rector is a passionate technology expert! His writing style brings a warmth and emotion to the subject and breathes life into accomplishments of so many who have contributed to our land"
Professor Jeremy H. Brooks
"A GREAT READ! Every Canadian should have a copy!
I bought a dozen to give away as gifts and everyone loves them! They learned so much!"
Bob Jameson
President Canadian Instrumetation Services
"GREAT BOOK! Makes you even prouder to be Canadian!"
Pam Calvert
Board of Directors Juno Beach Centre
"READ THIS BOOK! You will be proud to be Canadian.
More valuable than many dissertations!"
Professor Jordan Dimitrov
"Prof. Rector is always an inspiration!!! "
Mo Sarafraz
Amazon Compliance Engineer

About Professor
Mark Rector

Professor Rector is recognized as a passionate, entertaining and gifted speaker with the ability to hold and engage audiences of all sizes in fun and enjoyable presentations on numerous topics, including his multimedia presentation on Canadian inventors that’s been amazing crowds and receiving standing ovations across the country!


Professor Rector is a published author, public speaker, and a recently retired Professor of Electronics Engineering with a specialty in telecommunications. He has written numerous articles, contributed to nationally published textbooks, and just released his first book in the fall of 2018. His book “OH CANADA! Our Home and Inventive Land” is already in its 4th printing and has sold over 2000 copies and is available at over 65 book stores and museums across the country!